The final boss to the ZX Spectrum version of Salamander. It's based off Fortress Valis, but is unique for several reasons.
It is one of the two bosses that made it to this port of Salamander, the other being the Brain Golem.

Attack Pattern

It's basic method of attack is the same as Fortress Valis - releases slow moving orbs that rebound around the screen.
It takes a few seconds for it to do this, in the mean time you can freely fire at the boss.


There is only one way to defeat this boss - attempting to destroy it in the normal method will result in failure - when a barrier is eliminated - it will immediately regenerate back to full health. There is seemingly no way to defeat it through normal methods:
What actually has to be done, is both barriers must be destroyed at the same time - due to the buggy nature of the engine there is only one way to pull this off with any consistency - you must use the hawk missile.The player must sit between the cores and fire missiles slowly into both cores - going too fast can result in doing "too much" damage and resetting the process. When the boss begins to attack with more regularity, it is almost impossible to successfully defeat it. This boss cannot be beaten without either missiles or options - and guess what you're not given at the checkpoint..


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