Yuko is the final boss in the Boss Rush stage of Sexy Parodius. She has the properties of the previous 4 bosses but is more dangerous in that her attacks are far more powerful than the bosses'.

Attack patterns

From previous bosses

  • Cute Bird - Her angels circle her and fire arrows which may be hard to see against the background.
  • Eagle Sabu - She fires 8 ripple lasers instead of four.
  • Hot Lips - Some of her angels assume the hot lips' position and will move to the left.

She performs these attacks while her angels continue shooting at you, which makes her one of the hardest bosses in Sexy Parodius.


  • When you fail the boss rush (it must be completed on only one life), the screen will show her silhoute with the words "Ho Ho Ho Ho" near her mouth. Another female boss named Eliza attacks with the words themselves.
  • Note that in two-player mode, the boss rush will end when both characters are defeated.
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