The Yorogaton Chimera is the first boss in Gradius IV. As with the mythical Chimera beast, it has three heads. It has four different forms, the second form being based off which head is dealt more damage. Upon defeat of each form it converts into the gooey substance found in the stage. As it dies, it makes one final roar and dissipates.

Attack Patterns

First Form :

Each head fires in either spreads or single fireballs. The fireballs can be destroyed. Its weakpoint is the head.

White Head :

Gradius 4 Boss 1 - White Head

White Head

The easiest of the three forms, the turtles occasionally fire lasers from their mouths, and launch spores from it's back. The spores can be destroyed by the turtle's beams or by the player, the former causing them to explode in a 6 way spread. They can also explode by themselves. It's weakpoint is their heads.

Blue Head :

Chimera - Blue Head

Blue Head

The hardest form to trigger (due to the blue head being the middle head). This form is predicable. It's three eyes can fire slow moving destructible projectiles, and can occasionally try to grab you. Its weakpoint is the eyes.

Green Head :

Green Head Chimera

Green Head

This form is the most unpredictable. It constantly spawns indestructible insects that rotate around the boss and spread out, depending on the direction the boss is spinning. They change direction with the boss, and the player must be even be wary of insects that have left the screen. This form is strangely mechanical in comparison to the other forms. Its weakpoint is the wings.

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