''Wonder Shogun''


Other Media:
Twinbee Yahho! : Great Rampage in a Mysterious Country!! (Drama CD, 1996)
Voice Actor(S):
Yasunori Masutani

If you want street here to go to overcome the dead body of an eagle! - Wonder Shogun, TwinBee Yahho!

Wonder Shogun (ワンダー将軍) is a Mini-Boss Stage 5 in TwinBee Yahoo.

A real thug. The Shogun is chief of the Wonderland military which betrays its trust by mobilising against Melody. He plays the role of bodyguard to Archduke Nonsense. Peculiarly, he has a crocodile's tail, which creeps out the back of his armour. When fighting, he sits inside a giant, robotic sword-wielding Knight.

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