Volleone is a large, winged, lion-like creature composed entirely of fire. Thus, he is probably related to the smaller fire lions from the stage he rules over.

Attack Patterns

At the start of the fight, Volleone will burst out of the flames on the right side of the screen and head straight down, firing flame from his back as he goes, until he enters with the flames on the floor. He will then do the same, only from the floor and on the left side of the screen. After that, he will start flying in zig zags, while firing large spread shots of flames. Finally, he will fly in a wide circle, releasing first one, then two, three, and finally four shot waves from his back. He will then fly upwards, enter the ceiling, and restart his entire attack pattern.


  • Volleones name is likely a combination of Vol- from Volaticus(Winged, Flying) and leo(Lion). Vol may also come from Vol-canic.


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