Volcano Core is a modification of Big Core MK I. It is the boss of stage 3 of Gradius: The Interstellar Assault (Nemesis II: Return of the Hero outside the US). This one has mountains on top and bottom of it and it appears to use this as camouflage. It is slightly harder than Big Core MK I. The destruction scene is it burning up in a planet's atmosphere.

The name 'Volcano Core' is based on features and should not be considered as canon. It is sometimes referred to as Crater Core. As of this time, no official name exists.

Volcano core V - Copy

Attack Patterns

Volcano Core's initial attack is similar to Big Core MK I except it's faster. The next phase of it's attack consists of erupting it's volcanoes and releasing indestructible rocks either up or down, depending on it's position.


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