Volcano is the fourth stage in Salamander and Life Force (where it is referred to as the "Liver Zone". Also, it is the second stage in the NES version of Life Force.) It can be thought of as a vertical presentation of t
Salamander stage4 screen3
he Volcano stage on the original Gradius. Enemy ships rise from Hatches of some form far down below, and rise quickly to attack the Vic Viper, while some enemies scale the sides of the area to shoot at the Vic Viper. The Vic Viper faces the Center Core (also known as the "Valis Fortress"). In Life Force, as usual, organic backgrounds are added, though strangely, after the pre-stage section of stage 4, the background changes to the mountainus backgrounds in which the enemies rise from the Hatches, unchanged from the original Salamander, and a lot of the enemies, though re-colroed to green for some reason, retain their mechanical designs, and even the Center Core goes unchanged.





Fose MkII


Ugu MkII

Dome 2331

Center Core (BOSS)

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