Venom Mothership refers to the final level of Nemesis 2, Salamander MSX, Nemesis 3, and Gradius V.
Xn9 e3

The first version of Venom Mothership


Venom Mothership is the base of Dr. Venom and his Bacterian troops. There are three different versions of this mothership; the first version appears in Nemesis 2 and Salamander MSX, the second version appearing in Nemesis 3 and the lastest version appears in Gradius V.
NDVD 162

Venom's new Mothership in Gradius V


Nemesis 2

Salamander (MSX)

Nemesis 3

Gradius V


  • The mothership is seen in the nemesis 2 MSX box art (Also Nemesis 90 Kai).
  • If one takes a close look at the stage layout, it can be deduced that the Venom Mothership is actually a gargantuan Core Warship.
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