This article is about the boss, for the character, please see Dr Venom's main article.


The Venom mech is the final boss of Nemesis 2. The Mech appears to be based off the Biological Organism. The weakspot is the core.

Attack Pattern

The bullet pattern changes per game

Nemesis 2/Salamander

Venom's primary attack is to fire bullets in your general direction from the guns placed above and below him, when the core is hit, he fires two blasts of lightning from his main cannon. These home in on the player slightly and are very hard to dodge.

Nemesis 90' Kai

Venom now fires a almost instantaneous blast of lightning, but it not longer has any homing properties and is fired in your direction in a straight line.
Rather than firing single bullets, Venom now fires a 12-Way spread of them. However, if Venom's core turns red, you made him very angry, causing him to fire many lightning bolts. So you better find a safespot when that happens.


There is a safespot directly below him.


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