TwinBee Taisen Puzzle Dama is a video game published by Konami for the PlayStation in December 9, 1994. The game, which was only released in Japan, is the third installment in the series of puzzle video game Taisen Puzzle Dama. However, since it is set in the universe Twinbee, with its characters and aesthetic elements could be considered as part of the video game series TwinBee, being, in this case, the eighth iteration.



  • Madoka
  • Apple Sensei
  • Dr. Warumon
  • Pastel
  • Twinbee
  • Light Annamon


  • Winbee
  • Dr. Mardock
  • Zakobee
  • Queen Melora
  • Herb
  • Gwinbee
  • Baron Bee

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