Tentacle Golem is an enemy in the Gradius series.


The Tentacle Golem is a standard enemy, created in the first Gradius game and used in some other games since. The Tentacle Golem is a large purple ball, approximately twice as large as the Vic Viper. They have pale gray arms, with one yellow segment, and claws on the end. The arms Tentacle Golems deploy are similar to those of the Brain Golem, and are used as normal enemies in games such as Gradius II. In the first game, Tentacle Golems act as the Sub Boss to the stage they're in.

Attack Patterns

These enemies generate arms, which can be destroyed by attacking a specially colored arm segment.
They will attempt to fire many projectiles in the direction of the player, but have very poor aim, and it is fairly easy to sit in one spot and let them fire away at nothing.
Their cores can be destroyed, but can take a lot of punishment, slowly shrinking in size each time they're shot at, until they explode. It's often worth just destroying the arms and letting the Brain's float away.


A pack of Tentacle Golems appear in the 2nd volume of Salamander. One Tentacle Golem briefy appears in the third volume.

Tentacle Golems in the Anime


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