Tanuko is one of two stage 4 bosses in Sexy Parodius. He is a large tanuki with what appears to be gloves and a mask. He also wears a green bottle around his body and has a strange pink body part, presumably testicles, behind said bottle.

Attack patterns

When the battle begins, he will run to the left, and wrap around to the right side of the screen. He will summon rocks to hit the player, sometimes dropping a breakable machine. Occasionally he will walk to the left and wrap around to the right side of the screen as he did in the beginning.


Tanuko's alternate female form

If the player shoots him a number of times in the testicles, he will turn into the female tanuki seen on the right and shoot three homing kisses at the player.


  • His exaggerated look, according to Japanese beliefs, is common for tanukis. Examples can be seen in game series like Pocky & Rocky or Ganbare Goemon.
  • Tanuko is the only boss in the Parodius series who has two hitboxes.
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