Shooting Star.- The pilot is Ace. He came to earn money to reconstruct Wonderful Country. Original from Twinbee Yahoo.

Black Viper.- Vic Viper's shadow-like existence. Vic viper was said to be invincible because of Black Viper. When two of them encounter, there is an end of Vic Viper?

Weapon set

Speed Up

Auto Option: Summons 2 formation options. One firing at the top. The other at the bottom. Options will auto aim. Option shots change per Black Power. On max Black Power, auto options can now attack from the rear.

Wide Blast: From Twinbee Yahoo, charge and release to fire a circular blast. The more Black Power, the more circular blast fired in a spread pattern.

Spark Laser: Charge and release to fire a very thick beam. Similar to the E-Laser from Gradius III. The more Black Power, the longer the beam will fire.

Black Power: Grade Up.

Psycho Field: Force Field

Sexy Parodius
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