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Shoot The Core is a Fan Game, currently being produced by ACE Spark. It is going to be designed as almost a completely boss rush game, with a few small stage sections in between. Not much is known, but ACE Spark has put some of his graphics up as teasers, and a few videos also feature the game.


The game takes place in Space Year 8120. Venom, has seemingly raised from the dead, and wrought havoc with by developing the Bio-Weapon, known as "Behemoth", a being capable of starting and maintaining a temporal paradox which threatens to tear the universe itself apart.
During the chaos, Venom himself is merged with the entity known as Bacterian, and several universes and time zones enter the Gradius system. Histories are changed, as even once friendly aliens have become hostile with the madness that follows.
Alexander Burton, the last in the long line of Gradian pilots, takes off in an experimental Vic Viper X model, the only ship capable of withstanding the paradoxes that ensure. As Planet Gradius itself is drawn into the paradox, he is now the last hope of reality. He must destroy the Behemoth.

Art Style

Stage1 Stage1-2a

Currently Confirmed Bosses

Some are not listed at this time, due to spoiler reasons.

Gradius Series

Origin: Gradius

Origin: Vulcan Venture

Origin: Gradius 3

Origin: Gradius 3 (SNES)

Origin: Gradius IV

Nemesis Series

Origin: Nemesis 2

Origin: Nemesis 90' Kai

Origin: Nemesis 3

Salamander/Lifeforce Series

Origin: Salamander (ARC)

Origin: Lifeforce (NES)

Parodius Series

Coming soon.

  • Sinistar - Origin: Sinistar
  • Cannon Core - Origin: Arrow Flash
  • Ridley - Origin: Super Metroid
  • Desert Metal - Origin: Bio-Metal
Original Creations
  • Ice Lord
  • Moai Colossus
  • Core Duet

Boss Graphics

Maru Maru MaruMaruRemake

Covered Core Covered Core in Shoot The Core

Beacon Beacon

Killer Dwarf STC Grand Killer Dwarf

Sinistar BEWAREIHUNGER An example of one of the "guest" bosses.

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