Shadow Gear is the Shadow Dancer in Gradius III Arcade, except it has eight legs. You have to avoid these legs until you get to the end. There's a shadow dancer called Elephant Gear which, like Shadow Gear, is drastically different than the average shadow dancer. In Gradius III SNES, it was named Shadow Gear MK II that has 4 legs instead of a spikes, it has 3 groups which can be destroyed.

Major Differences Between the Arcade and the SNES

Shadow Gear is very different in Gradius III SNES and Arcade, in the Arcade, he is invulnerable however, in Gradius III SNES have Higher Health than the Previous Shadow Gear, the both difference are the legs since the SNES version (Shadow Gear MK II) which can be destroyed and it has 3 groups.


Both SNES and Arcade have different colors (including cores) of this boss.

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