''Sexy Parodius: Stage 2 (Bath House)''


BGM Track:
Sonic Speed Bath
  • Csikos Post by Hermann Necke
Toilet Penguin

The bathhouse is the 2nd stage in Sexy Parodius.

Objective: Collect 300 coins



At the start, you will be attacked by a row of purple things. Destroy all of them for an item. Watch it, they can fire at you. Later, small girls in tubs will fire bubbles.


At the start of the stage be sure to get two speed ups, cause this is a High Speed zone stage. You're goal is to get 300 coins. Small ones count as 1 coin. Big ones count as 5. Swans will drop power capsules when shot. At the middle of the stage, you will have to deal with the giant moving tubs. Watch out for the bubbles from the tub. Just shoot them.

Following the tubs, there will be lots of coins. Oh yeah, be careful not to hit that dead end. Near the boss will be a long slope going down. Try to get all the coins.

Boss Strategy

For boss informatiom, see: Toilet Penguin

When you have collected 300 or more coins, the picture below on the left will appear after the stage.

If the Mission is complete, meaning you got at least 300 coins, you will see Hikaru and Akane both taking a bath, with Multiple jumping. You can also see Ace in the bathroom, and other characters are seeing them at the top of the Bathroom Wall.

If it's Incomplete or collected less than 300 coins, you will see the characters being flown by a Toilet, with Toilet Penguin being happy about it. 


Stage 2 Win Cutscene on the Left. Stage 3A win cutscene on the right.

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