''Sexy Parodius: Stage 1 (Farm)''


BGM Track:
Pastoral March
  • Hokkaido ha dokoniaru? Kokoniaru!"(intro) / Gontiti
  • American Patrol by Frank W. Meacham
  • My Old Kentucky Home" / Stephen C. Foster
Corn Chiwa

The farm is the first stage in Sexy Parodius. Goal: Defeat Corn Chiwa.

At the start, you will shoot at flying sheeps and goats. Goats will give you items. Just before the stage starts, destroy the row of Moai head for an item. The stage will be full of Milk bottles that launches Cow enemies. On the ground and ceiling, there will be penguins shooting at you. Pink ones will drop items.

The middle of the stage, will have green balls that expand, every time you shoot them and explode once they are big. Just like in the first stage of Salamander with the pink ball things. Near the end, a walking hill will jump. When it lands, gun penguins and milk bottles will show up. Then, beat Corn Chiwa.

Sexy Parodius
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