Salamander NG 090 - Lost in stage 4!-011:59

Salamander NG 090 - Lost in stage 4!-0

Salamander NG is a fanmade game in the style of Salamander, produced by Oblio Design. It features original weapons and enemies, multiscrolling stages, 2 endings, original music, and an online high score table.


The game features several powerups including:

  • 6 levels of speed ups, as well as "hyper speed" and speed downs.
  • Standard and double missiles.
  • Blue, red, and green lasers.
  • Three types of option configurations; Standard, spacing, and rotate.
  • Bombs.
  • Three types of force fields, including standard, double and shield.
  • Bonus points + lives.

There are also several options available such as 2 player co-op, joystick support, editable controls, difficulty selection, and various other settings. Difficulty settings are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.


  • Stage 1: Lost Planet (Horizontal)
  • Stage 2: Deep Space (Vertical)
  • Stage 3: Organic Planet (Horizontal/Diagonal)
  • Stage 4: Ice Planet (Vertical)
  • Stage 5: Fire Star (Horizontal)
  • Stage 6: ??? (Vertical, version 0.98+ only)
  • Bonus: The Great Escape (Horizontal)
  • Extra: Bacterion Mode (Horizontal)


  • Stage 1: Octopus Zed (stage 1)
  • Stage 2: Brain Impact - The Core - The Great Core (stage 2)
  • Stage 3: Brain Golem NG (stage 3)
  • Stage 4: Kodroypo (stage 4)
  • Stage 5: The Core (x1) - The Cores (x4) - The Great Eye - Intruder NG (stage 5) Note: Intruder NG available from version 0.98
  • Stage 6: ??? Note: available from version 0.98


  • The green laser is hidden at the beginning of stage 4.
  • In normal mode or higher, an option hunter will appear at the beginning of stage 4 if you have more than one option.
  • To access the bonus stage, complete stage 6 on normal mode or higher.
  • To access the extra stage, you must destroy the three 3 Vic Vipers at the beginning of the game and then complete stage 1 destroying the boss with at least -20,000 points.
  • Type "planetoblio" as your nation in the settings menu to get unlimited credits.



  • mvm/speedup (Max Moretti): creator/programmer
  • Alley (Roberto Allevi): creator/graphic
  • Matt Carr: music (from version 0.98)
  • Dave Jackson: sound engineer (from version 0.98)

Special Thanks to:

  • Filo95: particle effects
  • Bak IV - John 4300 (help programming)
  • The Tetran (beta tester)
  • Maz85 (online ranking)
  • Roach (Netread dll)
  • Snake5 (sgaudio dll)
  • AFA (credit scene)
  • Roberta Pagnetti (voice)
  • Marco Tommaseo (music in demo version)

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