Salamander HD Remaster is a remake of the NES version of Life Force for Android devices, which feature new HD graphics and use touch controls. The game was being developed by Konami Shanghai, but with the studio's closure the game was ultimately canceled. One of the devs working on the title finished the game and posted it as a free download on his twitter account.

Gameplay Changes

Besides the HD graphics, the main noticeable addition to this game is the option to choose between three different ships (Galaxy, Purple Emperor and Red Devil, all piloted by unnamed pilots), each with it's own arsenal and special abilities. The gameplay is very similar to the NES title, though adapted to the touch controls. New to this version is the "Nirvana" attack, which is a powerful attack which comes in limited supply and is unique to each of the three ships.

This version also features a shop, where the player is able to spend in-game currency obtained during gameplay to buy new parts to enhance the ships. Ships were also supposed to be unlocked with credits, but come unlocked from the start.


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