The Salamander Arcade Soundtrack was produced by Konami Kukeiha Club and released on April 9, 2003 in Japan by Konami Music Entertainment, Inc. Original Sound of Salamander was released by Apollon Music on December 16, 1986. Salamander - Again : Konami Kukeiha Club was released by King Records on May 25, 1992.

Track List

1."Power of Anger (1st Stage BGM)" 1:39 2."Fly High (2nd Stage BGM)" 1:38 3."Planet Ratis (3rd Stage BGM)" 1:40 4."Starfield (4th Stage BGM)" 1:49 5."Burn the Wind (5th Stage BGM)" 1:43 6."Destroy Them All (6th Stage BGM)" 2:01 7."Aircraft Carrier (Gradius Boss BGM)" 0:51 8."Poison of Snake (Boss BGM)" 2:13 9."Peace Again (All Pattern Clear)" 0:38 10."Crystal Forever (Game Over)" 0:30 11."Thunderbolt (2nd Stage BGM)" 2:06 12."Slash Fighter (4th Stage BGM)" 2:18 13."Combat (5th Stage BGM)" 1:30 14."A Theme of the Salamander 2 (Title)" 0:39 15."Silvery Wings Again (1st Stage BGM)" 2:11 16."Sensation (2nd Stage BGM)" 3:37 17."All Is Vanity (3rd Stage BGM)" 3:21 18."Serious! Serious! Serious! (4th Stage BGM)" 2:29 19."Speed (5th Stage BGM)" 3:07 20."Dear Blue (6th Stage BGM)" 3:13 21."Power of Anger (Maeda Version)" 1:42 22."Planet Ratis (Maeda Version)" 1:55 23."Last Exit (Maeda Version)" 1:46 24."Theme of the Golem (1st Stage Boss BGM)" 2:05 25."Theme of the Mechanical Boss (Stage 2, 4, 6 Boss BGM)" 1:56 26."Theme of the Living Body Boss (Stage 3, 5 Boss BGM)" 2:38 27."Prelude of the Last Battle (Last Stage BGM)" 0:55 28."Giga's Rage (Last Boss BGM)" 2:45 29."Beginning from the Endless (Ending)" 1:37 30."What's Your Name? (Naming)" 1:07 31."And Then..... (Game Over)" 0:13 32."Slash Fighter" (by Motoaki Furukawa) 4:29 33."Sensation" (by Motoaki Furukawa) 4:18 34."Salamander & Life Force SE Collection" 5:01

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