Salamander 3 is a fangame created by Ace9921 from Gradius Home World. Some of the features are (taken from his thread):

-Boss Rush consisting of several old Gradius and Salamander bosses

  • Weapon edit, unlockable when loop 1 is complete(mix and match every weapon included in the game)
  • Power-up bar
  • 4 different paint jobs available for every ship plus! healt bar for the ship
  • Hand-drawn animated sequences for the intro/ending, when you're done selecting a ship and when you enter the Weapon Edit mode.

In honor of Ace9921, the Powers of high has thought of a different Salamander 3, the official version. this is for the yet to arrive MSX 3 workstastion. there are the four ships of Gradius Gaiden, plus other planes which will arrive in Starizer. in fact, this version will have Gladius Gaiden, the first half, with Starizer, the second half. three new enemies are stone core alias flint, solar core, alias corona and death larnyx, a gigantic evil larnyx. by the way, the evil star ships from ther movie life force, also appears in this other version. plus, the gradius sounding tune from the movie the breakfast club, might appear in this game. by the way, all the planes will be able to transform into robots. an anubis reference. -yuri cube


Stage 1: Departure from Gradius

Stage 2 :Astroid Canyon

Stage 3: Raid On Bacterion Base over Latis

Stage 4: Ice Planet

Stage 5: Moai Planet

Stage 6: Cell

Stage 7: Acient Ruins

Stage 8: Lava Volcano

Stage 9: Underground Cave

Stage 10: Bacterion Ambush

Stage 11 :Water Base

Stage 12: Bacterion Battleship Attack

Stage 13: High Speed Zone

Stage 14: Boss Rush

Stage 15-1: Final Base- Entry

Stage 15-2: Final Base- Main Corrider

Stage 15-3: Final Base- Approch to Core Chamber


Note: Some names are unofficial.

Stage 1: Big Core Double

Stage 2: Asteroid Core

Stage 3: Bacterion Fighter Base I

Stage 4: Ice Base

Stage 5: Giant Laser Moai

Stage 6: Brain Golem MK II

Stage 7: Triple Dragon Attack

Stage 8: Lava Big Core (no shield, loop 2 has a shield)

Stage 9: Sand Covered Core Gunwall

Stage 10: Nova Core

Stage 11: Water Base

Stage 12: Rocket Big Core

Stage 13: Beacon MK III (loop 2, you must destroy all cores)

Stage 14: Big Core, Tetran (core exposed, loop 2 diff, it has 3 shields), Death MK II, Misfit Warship, Big Core MK III, Heaven's Gate, Bubble Core, Perla Meralda, Big Core Rev. 1.2, Big Core Duo (Second form)

Stage 15: Big Core Gun Wall, Shadow Ships, Zelos Force X

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