Gradius Rugul
Rugal is an enemy in Gradius, the second one to be encountered.

Attack Patterns

Rugals often come in groups of three, and though slow compared to other enemies, will home in on the Vic Viper, even turning around to get to it, and don't shoot. They also come in a red variety that drops a capsule when destroyed.


2 Ruguls flying with 3 Beans

Rugals later appear in Gradius II,III, and IV. They gain the ability to fire bullets unlike in the original game.

Rugals in combat with the Vic Viper

Rugals in combat with Vic Viper in Gradius IV.



A pack of Rugal in the anime

Rugal appear in every volume of the Salamander anime. The color of the Rugal has been changed into yellow.

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