''Ruby and Cobalt''


Human (Bunny Girl Android)
Voice Actor(S):
Ruby: Asumi Kana Cobalt:Noriko Shitaya

You made it here? Inconceivable - Ruby, Otomedius Excellent

Such a pity that this is the end of the road... - Cobalt, Otomedius Excellent

Ruby and Cobalt (ルビー&コバルト - Rubī& kobaruto) are Bunny Girl Androids created by the Gofer Sisters in Otomedius Excellent.

In Otomedius Excellent, Hikaru and Akane make an appearance as Ruby and Cobalt which are the two androids in the Space-Time Warp Stage (Boss Rush). The bunnygirl duo joined up with Dark Force and the Bacterians for their serious mission in Space-Time Dimension while you defeat those core before you enter her dangerous world. Ruby and Cobalt pilot the Metal Slave core.

Ruby is voiced by Asumi Kana and Cobalt is voiced by Noriko Shitaya.

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