Rexion Core is the first boss of stage 8 in Gradius Galaxies.

Attack Pattern

This Battle has three stages. It's first attack pattern will be to shoot two lasers, one after the other, that home in on the player by altering its course. It will have two assisting quad-laser that widen their laser firing gap. After killing it, the ship gets resurrected by what appears to be a back up repair module. After getting repaired it shoots bubbles that pop and release shots omni-directionally, like a grapeshot. Its two assistants will be mace shaped laser weapons that first fire straight, but then create a perimeter around the player, firing lasers at the near edge in a wide arc. To prevent getting hit the player must stay on the far lest side of the screen and stay vertically centered. After killing it for the second time, the machine resurrects it again and it will keep firing the same buckshot, except its assistants now are two spherical enemy generators that summon enemies to ram the player. After killing it for the third time, it dies and explodes at last.

Appears In

Gradius Galaxies

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