Salamander Brain

You do remember this, right?

One of the legendary music tracks that has been remixed many times in the Gradius Series, Poison of Snake was first introduced in Salamander (Life Force in worldwide version) as the Boss theme in every stage. The music track returns in Gradius II as the second track to play in the game's Boss Rush, following the playing of Aircraft Carrier. Poison of Snake does likewise in Gradius III Arcade version as the second theme to play in that game's Boss Rush. Fast forward to Gradius V, and Poison of Snake is remixed to a slower beat; it is used in Stage 2 as the track for the first two bosses of the game's earlier of two Boss Rushes. Fast forward again, and we also find Poison of Snake as Boss music in Otomedius.


Salamander - Common Boss Theme.

Gradius II - Boss Rush Theme for Golem, Tetran and Gau.

Nemesis 3 - Boss Rush Theme for Tetran

Gradius III (Arcade) - Boss Rush 2nd Theme

Salamander 2 - Renamed as 'THEME OF THE GOREM' here. Theme song of the Golem.

Gradius V - Renamed as 'TETO RAN' here. Boss Rush Theme for Death MK III and Tetran

Gradius NEO - Renamed as 'Salamander Boss NEO-MIX'. Box area theme in Stage 5.

Gradius NEO Imperial - Renamed as 'Salamander Boss NEO-MIX'. Stage 5 theme.

Otomedius - Boss Theme if you're using Tron's music pack. Also used in Versus mode as theme for Z.F.F.

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