Xexex St7
The Planet Pachel Bell
is the last stage in Xexex. The stage starts off against the backdrop of a galaxy, until the background is bent to the side - an insanely cool effect - as you're warped into the entrance of the final battle cruiser.

The fortress is divided in three parts:

  • The first part is the entrance to his battle cruiser
  • The second part is the main part of the ship, battling against his troops and Spider Walkers Guardians
  • The third part is a stretch corridor than you must escape to battle Klaus.
Xexex Last Battle

The Final Boss, a Flintlock-like bio-mechanical ship.

After this Klaus shows his own version of the Flintlock, this is your final boss.

In the ending, the Flintlock sends the Flint back through the atmosphere of the planet, where it morphs into a naked fairy for some reason, and saves planet E-Square.


It was the very first bacterian ship that can still fly, tested, and programmed, it was the first mech-bacterion (much known as biomechanical) ship

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