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Pinwall is a mid-boss, fought in Stage 7 of the Gameboy port of Parodius Da!, and is exclusive to that version of the game. It is a parody of Gunwalls, and features a similar attack pattern.
Like many machines in the Parodius universe, it is piloted by a Penguin.
Bizarrely, it is the only boss battle in the game that does not feature boss music.

Attack Patterns

The Penguin itself can fire bullets, whilst aimed at the player, are fired at seemingly in random angles, making it fairly difficult to judge where you should move to. The pilot is also joined by two Penguin Generators.
One of the main dangers of this battle is the extremely small battle area - you have barely a 1/4 of the entire screen to move in. Which, considering this is the Gameboy, is very small indeed.
It's weakpoints are the two Cores beside the pilot. These have very little health.
Neither the pilot itself, nor the Penguin generators can be destroyed.


  • This was the first Gunwall in the Parodius series.
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