Parodius ~Tako wa Chikyū o Sukū~(lit. Parodius: The Octopus Saves the Earth) or just Parodius, is a scrolling shooter video game developed by Konami for the MSX computer and was released in Japan in 1988. The game is notable for being the first title in the Parodius series, although it is often confused with Parodius Da! -Shinwa kara Owarai e- in that respect. The name itself is a portmanteau of "Gradius" and "Parody" and, eponymously, the game is a parody of the Gradius Series of space-based horizontally-scrolling shooters. Many of the characters and enemies are derived from that famous shooter series, while other elements are extracted from other Konami titles, such as Antarctic Adventure and Twinbee. This game is of particular note in the series as being heavily infused with Japanese culture and folklore.


The gameplay is very similar to the Gradius games, with other aspects from games such as Twinbee. However, the characters are replaced with silly characters taken from either these or other Konami games as well as Japanese culture. The music is mostly taken from classical music pieces.

The player can play as either Tako (father of Takosuke), an octopus, the Penguin (father of Pentarou) from Antarctic Adventure and the exclusive MSX game Penguin Adventure, Goemon from the Ganbare Goemon series, the Popolon knight from the MSX game Knightmare or the Vic Viper spaceship from Gradius. The game is composed of six stages consisting of various obstacles and enemies such as penguins and bees, as well as more traditional Gradius enemies such as moai. As with Gradius, the game utilizes a similar selection-bar based power-up system.

However, when a random power-up is picked up then a feature called Bellpower/Roulette will automatically make the player's power bar skipping powers until the player presses the button used to stop the roulette. However, some players may be unlucky and getting their chances of landing on the OH! power instead of the ? and the options.

Vic Viper Parodius
Lord British Parodius


Parodius was later included in Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol.3 for PlayStation, Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack for Sega Saturn, Parodius Portable in PSP with enhanced graphics.

In addition, it was released for mobile phones in December 2006 and for Virtual Console in Jaunary 2010.


Type these commands to access cheats.

F1 Z E N B U Enter F1 - All Weapons

F1 K O N A M I Enter F1 - Get Vector Laser

F1 B U T A K O Enter F1 - Get Up Laser

F1 T A K O 1 8 T H Enter F1 - Get Rotary Drill

F1 P A R O Enter F1 - Get Wrap Around

F1 K A T A I Enter F1 - Increase Shield Durability (Does not work with ZENBU)

There are bonus stages in stages 1, 4, and 5.


Stage 1: Ulst-ar - Cloud Planet
Stage 2: WonOrLos-tar - Turd Mine
Stage 3: Molest-ar - Mole Planet
Stage 4: Maize Cake Star - Sponge Cake Planet
Stage 5: Ghost-ar - Space Graveyard
Stage 6: Fortres-star - The Fortress of Bug


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