Option and Multiple are the mimic drones of Vic Viper and Lord British, respectively. They have faces to denote self-consciousness and can change their forms by activating various modoki abilities, which let's them borrow few weapons from other characters. They appear as playable characters only in Sexy Parodius.

Option.- He used to mimic the real ship's movements, but he came back with transformation ability. He was once in the Dama Puzzle game but left and found a job here.

Multiple.- She came back as she did not want to lose to Option.

Weapon set

S= Speed Up

Koitsu or Aitsu Modoki= The blobs uses Koitsu or Aitsu's K or A Way ability. The blobs will also ride on a paper airplane. More blobs and more shots will appear, for every Sonoba Power.

Michael or Gabriel Modoki= The blobs will morph into a pig and use Michael or Gabriel's Round Shot. More Sonoba Power, means more coverage.

Thunder Cross Modoki= The blobs will morph into the Thunder Cross ship and use Boomerang Shot. The more Sonoba Power, the more Formation Options you get.

Sonoba Power= Grade Up. If you haven't morph yet and get this, the blobs will get baby Vic Vipers or Lord Britishes than act like normal options.

Sonoba Barrier= Force Field

Sexy Parodius
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