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Effective commander of Angel Squadron, Operetta is a holographic robot girl who coordinates the squadron's activities and dispatches them on their missions.


Otomedius Excellent

  • Player re-appears
R.V. システム, リスタート! (R.V. Shistemu, Ristaato) (R.V. System, Restart!)
  • Game Over
ゲームオーバー (Geemu Oobaa) (Game Over)



  • Operetta fulfills the narrator's duties from previous Gradius titles. Ex: "Homing Missile!"', "Aqua Laser Lvl 2!"
  • Her catchphrase, well you know it "Destroy the core!"
  • She may be a hologram, or perhaps she doesn't really exist. She could also be a very intelligent humanoid robot.
  • In Otomedius Excellent, her swimsuit artwork can be obtained by beating the game on Expert with a Chibi Hyper Anoa.
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