New Gradius - Its a fan game created by Radel1996 in 2014. Its a fan game based on Gradius with elements from Gradius II and Life Force


Stage 1 - Fly To the Metal Base

Stage 2 - Destroy the metal core

Stage 3 - Moai Ruins

Stage 4 - Destroy battleship

Stage 5 - Avoid the hot planet area

Stage 6 - Destroy the toxic factory

Stage 7 - Enter to the Fortress

Stage 8 - Finally Save the universe


Stage 1 - Big Core

Stage 2 - Metal Core

Stage 3 - Jumpy Moai

Stage 4 - Battleship core

Stage 5 - The fire dragon (Possibly Intruder)

Stage 6 - Plant Alien

Stage 7 - Monster clawler

Stage 8 - Gofer


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