Nemesis is the first portable game in the Gradius series, released for the Game Boy in 1990. This is not the same game as the European and Japanese Nemesis on the MSX. The game has five stages and plays similarly to previous Gradius games. It was released in North America and Japan.

This game allows the player to select the stage and the number of available extra lives from the very start.

This is also the only game in the series to use the European name of the Gradius series, "Nemesis", internationally.

The game was later included in the compilation Konami GB Collection Vol. 1, where it is titled Gradius.

The sequel to this game is Gradius: The Interstellar Assault, also know as Nemesis II: Return of the Hero.


Stage 1: Volcano

Stage 2: Biological Area & Secret Stage

Stage 3: Moai

Stage 4: Wasteland

Stage 5: Fortress


Stage 1: Volcano + Super Big Core

Stage 2: Zub Rush + Crawler

Stage 3: Maru Maru + Striker

Stage 4: Iron Maiden MK 2 + Reckless

Stage 5: Mother Computer Z


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