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Nemesis for an MSX is an adaptation of the original Gradius, but features content unique to the game.


  • Stage 1 (Volcano)
  • Stage 2 (Stoneridge)
  • Stage 3 (Moai)
  • Stage 4 (Inverted Volcano)
  • Stage 5 (Wasteland) (MSX only)
  • Stage 6 (Tentacle)
  • Stage 7 (Cell)
  • Stage 8 (Xaerous's Fortress)


Differences from the Original Gradius

  • A 2nd level for Laser and Missiles
  • Stages 2, 3, 4 and 6 now hold bonus stages
  • Secret commands other from the Konami Code
  • There is a newly created stage consisting of a field of bones, similar to the additional level found in the PC Engine port

Secret Commands

Type these commands to access cheats.

  • F1 M O M O K O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 1)
  • F1 C H I E Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 2)
  • F1 A K E M I Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 3)
  • F1 S Y U K O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 4)
  • F1 C H I A K I Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 5)
  • F1 N O R I K O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 6)
  • F1 S A T O E Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 7)
  • F1 Y A S U K O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Stage 8)
  • F1 K I N U Y O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Special Stage 1)
  • F1 H I S A E Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Special Stage 2)
  • F1 M I Y U K I Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Special Stage 3)
  • F1 Y O H K O Enter F1 - All Weapons (only Special Stage 4)
  • F1 H Y P E R Enter F1 - All Weapons (works on any level, only usable once)
  • F1 D O W N Enter F1 - Speed Down (always works)
  • F1 B A K A or A H O Enter F1 - Instant Game Over (Either one works)

Finally, entering SPEEDUP, MISSILE, DOUBLE, LASER, OPTION, or SHIELD enables those equipment options.



F1 - Pause/Resume

N - Use powerup

Arrow keys - Move around

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