The Metalion Space Fighter N322 is the player's ship in Nemesis 2. It was created by Dr. Venom to replace the Vic Viper.

The standard weaponry in the Metalion is exactly the same as Vic Viper, but it can get upgraded during the game by picking special power-ups.

This ship can use it's rear engine as auxiliary weapon.

Special Power Ups

In addition to the extra weapons, there are special powerups that grant the Metalion extra abilities for a limited time. They are:
  • Vector Laser - Shoot a very powerful and wide but slow wall-like laser.
  • E. Slow - Slows down everything, making it easier to dodge bullets and enemies.
  • Option Warrior - The same as Rolling Options.
  • Rotary Drill - The Metalion spins around like a drill and destroys anything it hit. It is invincible during this time.

Differences of Weapons (Nemesis 90 Kai)


Missile: There's only one level

Napalm: The Spread Bomb of Gradius III has become suitable

Up and Down Laser: There is only 1 level. Also power is weak

Laser: There is only 1 level

Options: It can be equiped up to 4

Vector Laser: Remainder it does not spread, either power is not left over

Shield: Like the Arcade edition of Gradius it flies from the front

Weapon Set

Nemesis 2 (Nemesis 90' Kai)

Original Weapon

S = Speed Up

M = Missile

D = Double

L = Laser

O = Option

? = Shield

Modified Weapon

S = Speed Up

M = Missile --> Napalm Missile

D = Back Beam

D = Double --> Reflex Ring --> Fire Blaster

L = Up Laser

L = Down Laser

L = Laser --> Extend Laser

O = Option

? = Shield

Gradius ReBirth

S = Speed Up

M = Napalm Missile

D = Double

L = Up Laser

O = Option

? = Shield

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