Medusa is a boss in Sexy Parodius. She appears at the end of Stage 3B.


Medusa is a giant mythological creature with snakes for hair and devil-like ears. Only the head is fought, with her eyes being her weak spot.


  • The snakes in her hair can shoot bullets which are aimed at the player.
  • Can immobilize the player by firing beams from her eyes. This can make evading the bullets hard.
  • Can charge forward to the left-side of the screen. The safe spot is at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Can summon rats riding on broomsticks. Destroying them adds to the counter.


  • Medusa is famous for being one of the most traditional enemies in the Castlevania series, another Konami franchise.
  • When she is defeated, she moans loudly and cries before turning to stone.
  • When she is defeated or when the snakes are hit, they all will perform different face animations.

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