Manesis '99 Kai is a Gradius fangame, featuring seven stages and many mechanics used in older Gradius games.


Manesis 99 is very similar to GR3, in that they are both fangames made to appear like MSX games. However, Manesis is more like an MSX game, due to it having music which an MSX could generate, while GR3 does not. Manesis is very inspired by Gradius games that were recent at the time (e.g. Gradius Gaiden, Gradius 4) and is generally considered one of the better Gradius fan games.


(names unofficial)

Stage 1: Ruins Desert

Stage 2: Junkyard Base

Stage 3: Bubble Space

Stage 4: Moai Area

Stage 5: Volcanic Caves & High Speed

Stage 6: Organic Growth

Stage 7: Final Fortress


Boss 1: Jade Core

Boss 2: Armored Sprite

Boss 3: Odius Core

Boss 4: Nu & Ya

Boss 5: Wild Core

Boss 6: Mad Doom

Boss 7: M.A.K.A (final boss, earlier bosses are unnamed)

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