Mambo and Samba are two goofy looking Ocean sunfish: they're character is inspired from obscure MSX2 shooter Space Manbow. They are named after the music styles of the same names, as to pun the design of the "Space Manbow" ship (Since it looks like a mambo fish). Their weapon sets parody those used in the R-Type series, but the weapons are also implemented with functions from Xexex.

In Paro Wars, Mambo makes cameo appearance in the like House.

Mambo.- He manipulates three kinds of laser. His nickname is General Laser.



Samba.- She lives with Old Lecher Tako A (aka Takosuke), causing him a lot of trouble.



Weapon set

Gokujo Parodius and Sexy Parodius (Arcade)

S= Speed Up

M= Bubble Missile

D= Control Laser

L= Screw Laser

O= Search Laser

?= Barrier

Choosing a weapon type adds an option that fires said weapon. It is possible for Mambo or Samba to control options that are firing different weapons.

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