This stage is divided into two parts. The music themes are In The Wind and Underground.

This is the first stage to have the dogfight theme Try To Star. Stages 6 and 8 use this track.

The first section is pretty basic, with the erupting volcanos near the end. After those, the screen shakes, and platforms fall from the ceiling. This stops in the next section.

The other section starts off by splitting in two. One side has erupting volcanos, the other is a maze. After that area, you carve through dirt with indestructable rocks that fall. There are hatches littered throughout this stage.

The bosses are:

1: Iron Maiden

2: Big Core MK III

P.S: During the first part, at the first cliff, destroy the purple Uros at the bottom, and In The Wind changes to A Long Time Ago, which plays until you die or make it to the Underground section.

Gradius III
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