Note, this boss is part of a multiform boss fight. The other two forms are Stinger Kid and Giga's Rose


Hunter Fang is the second form of the multiform boss in Gradius Gaiden's stage 6. He is a giant plant with extendable fangs, hence the name.When defeated,Hunter Fang will turn into a seed and then say "That doesn't hurt!" and the battle with Giga's Rose begins.

Attack Pattern

Hunter Fang fights like Stinger Kid, but more aggressive, and with different attacks. Hunter Fang constantly fires out destroyable spores, and after a while, it rears back and fires it's fangs at you, but this also heavily exposes it's weak point. On loop two, when it fires it's fangs it also makes a tentacle come up under you, making you move a lot more. It's weak point has a moderate amount of health, making it a bit harder than Stinger Kid.


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