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''Hikaru and Akane''

Hikaru N Akane

Wai Wai World (1988)

Snatcher (Cameo, 1988)
Parodius Da! (1990)
Quiz Gakumon No Susume (1993)
Gokujō Parodius! (1994)
SNES Ganbare Goemon 3 (Cameo)
Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius (1995, Boss)
Bishi Bashi Champ (1995)
Sexy Parodius (1996,1997)
Paro Wars (1997)
TwinBee RPG (1998)
Bishi Bashi
CR Parodius Da! EX (2000)
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Replaced a Gamble Angel Bunny)
Bishi Bashi Champ Online (2005)
CR Gokujō Parodius! (2006)
Shout! Shaberin Champ Mobile (2006)
Gokuraku Parodius (2010)

Eternal Knights TRUST (2012)
Voice Actor(s):
Hikaru: Yuko Nagashima
Mai Nakahara
Akane: Mariko Onodera
Ami Koshimizu

At last, I've found the past glory! - Hikaru, Gokujō Parodius!

Hikaru and Akane (ひかるとあかね - Hikaru to Akane) are two showgirls in rabbit costumes riding on rockets. Their first appearance were as enemies in Parodius Da!. They became playable characters in Gokujō Parodius! . Their weapons are borrowed from Konami's Thunder Cross (1988). They were bosses in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius and Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius: Forever With Me as Enormous Hikaru and Akane. They return as playable characters in Sexy Parodius. Hikaru and Akane and and their bunnygirl friends also appeared in the real-time strategy game Paro Wars, alongside Poti and Pentarou. Hikaru and Akane's was makes a appearances in the Two Parodius Pachinko Games, CR Parodius Da! EX (2000), CR Gokujō Parodius! (2006) and in a 3D pachislot called Gokuraku Parodius (2010).


  • Hikaru used to say that she's gonna retire, but came to Takosuke to earn money to keep her young and beautiful.
  • Akane is the twin sister of Hikaru, she began to live alone having a humble life, and bad luck with men. She's a spoiled girl but thinks that she's gonna deceive men some day.



Gokujo Parodius


S = Speed Up

M = Hawk Wind

D = Tail Gun

L = Boomerang Shot

O = Formation Option

? = Shield


S= Speed Up

M= Hawk Wind

M = Spread Bomb

L = Carrot

O = Formation Option

? = Star

Sexy Parodius

S = Speed Up

M = Hawk Wind (activates Formation Option)

M = Spread Bomb (activates Rolling Option)

L = Carrot

O = Formation Option

? = Star


  • In Sexy Parodius, their Option Types can switch from Formation Option (default) to Rolling Option depending on the missile currently activated.
  • When in Formation Option, they can expand their options by holding down the Power Up button while the Option selection in their Power Meter is highlighted and if they have full options.


Gokujou Parodius: Mini-Drama

  • "I'm Sorry, Hikaru-chan, I... I..." - Akane
  • "What?" - Hikaru
  • "What, Hikaru-chan?" - Akane

Paro Wars

  • "Wha... What the Hell?!" - Hikaru

Gokuraku Parodius

  • "Get!" - Akane
  • "What did you say?!" - Hikaru

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