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Grave is the harder of Gradius Gaidens Stage 2 bosses. Take the upper path to fight it. He appears to be half of a spider walker from Gradius II.

Attack Patterns

Grave's attack are quite random, so I'll just tell you his attacks. When he appears, only the orb containing his core falls from the ceiling, making trash fall. His body jumps up underneath the orb, joining the two together and making more trash rain down. After this, he can either fire a sweeping laser, which can be canceled by hitting him. He can also fire a volley of three heat seeking missiles, which can be destroyed. Or, he can jump, which makes MORE trash fall. His core has a high amount of health, but that's probably just because you can only hit him once before he closes the orb again. After he dies, he falls apart, which makes more trash fall, which can kill you if you're not careful.



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