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29/06/2017 - The Vic Viper Bomber is now available for Super Bomberman R!
24/04/2017 - The Vic Viper has been confirmed as a upcoming DLC for Super Bomberman R!
11/01/16 - Dr. Venom is this month's headlined villain at Villains Wiki!
2/02/16 - This wiki still lives! I'm still on doing stuff in the background, so if you need something feel free to ask on my message wall.
4/27/15 - Enjoy the new visual of the Gradius Wiki!
4/24/15 - The Gradius Wiki was adopted by Magma Dragoon. Expect a lot of nice changes in the upcoming days!
4/14/15 - Gradius V is now available on the PSN for PlayStation 3 players!

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