Overheat is the 7th level in Gradius II NES, it's the combination of the Fortress with a High Speed section.

As you enter this level, you'll noticed that your space is already being limited. You should kill everything as soon as possible. If you didn't get the double, fly to the top and let the missiles take care of the bottom. You'll see two orange turrets at the bottom which you can destroy with your missiles. Then it get narrow and full of random fire. When your space widens completely that's when it almost over. Just a few measly gun turrets to worry about. The next section of the level is super speedy, so pay real good attention. You can try killing the orange gun turrets and getting their energy pods, but it's not completely necessary. If you do choose to, get options and speed ups if you need them. After that, it's pretty straight-forward until you get out of the green colored part and into the machine colored part. Here, the floor and ceiling will crumble and then aim themselves at you. So destroy them before they destroy you. It get narrow again, making it a difficult task. After this, beat the (hardest) gun-wall, Demos.

Then the floor and ceiling will rise and fall respectively, so stay in the middle. Double helps you out in this area. After the floor and ceiling stop collapsing, do your best to kill every enemy, you don't want them to mess you up during the boss. Destroy the Final Enemy and you will be fighting with Gofer in the next stage.

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