Gradius II Stage 3: Burning Heat


BGM Track:
Heavy Blow
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Gradius II NES Stage 4: Red Crystal Cage

Heavy Blow or simply Volcano, is the third stage in Gradius II NES. This level is throwback of the first level of Gradius as its background layout is almost the same, including mountains, forests and even some enemies.

This level is very similar to the arcade version, but with the oddity of that at the end of this stage there is not a final battle.

Volcanoes are the most common obstacle of Heavy Blow. As explained before, neither a mini-boss nor a boss in encountered here.

Layout and tips

For this level, I might even consider getting a double. The next part of the level is daunting. Before getting too far into it, you be greeted by a whole bunch of gunfire. You'll want to stay low to get rid of the ground enemies, and also because you'll have fly under a rock formation.Then under and over again, avoiding and shooting down enemies until you reach the volcano. Keep shooting until you notice a break. Try to get as close to the tip as you can when you're shooting and you'll get by easily. Next, kill those bouncing enemies or prepare to avoid their shots, which go in every direction. You'll now have to squeeze between two volcanoes. Same tactic as before, shoot like crazy, and fly through them.

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