Gradius II Stage 1: Burning Heat


BGM Track:
Burning Heat
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Burning Heat is the first stage in Gradius II (Arcade and NES port). This is a fire-themed level composed of a variety of different sizes of suns, acting as both obstacles and enemies. Intruders reside inside of some suns and are the iconic creatures in this level.

The boss of Burning Heat is Phoenix.

Layout and tips

Since this is the first level, you don't really need to get any specific power- ups. When you start off the level, it's basically a bunch of easy to kill ships so that you can power yourself up. The next part gets a little tricky, especially if it's your first time. Those suns are annoying, since they narrow your flight path dramatically. On top of that, they are home to Intruders that take a bunch of shots to kill. The third part of the level is downright annoying. This time there are big suns at the top and bottom of the screen. These suns will make an arc of fire that will instantly kill you if you touch it. The fact that there are enemies coming out of everywhere makes this difficult. Speed is good to have in this part. When you get past the suns, get ready for the Phoenix.

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