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stage design

player starts in space again to regain power ups

after that the vic viper will enter the stage where the stage itself is fully made out of bubbles. bubbles wil spawn and when destroyed they simply turn into 4 smaller bubbles untill its reduced to its smallest form and destroyed

there is a bonus level where the player can gain ridiculous amounts of points


muster as much fire power and options as you can beause the bubbles are very tough, so keep firing until you get out of the stage.

lasers can help alot he because of the extra damage as well as missles if you can possition the option inside one of the bubbles


the boss is a big core variant, (the 'core' being the eye) the boss has a lot of life and so continuous fire power must be used to keep the boss away because it will slowly creep forwards. while that happends bubbles will be coming out of the monster and bounce on the top and bottom of the screen

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