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Stage design

Players start in space to allow player to gain power up's or lost weapons.

after some time of space the player (vic viper) will enter a desert like area with large worm like creatures and hatches spewing out ships in an attempt to destroy the vic viper.

once the vic viper reaches the end, the player must then fight the boss.destroying the boss advances the player to the next level


This is only the first level so really not much troulbe should be had, an option can help out very nicely.

make sure to try to destroy the hatches before they can swamp you with ships, destroying the worms (shoot the head) will free up space to allow you to dodge enemy bullets better.


Newer player can find the boss quite tough if they dont know hat to expect.

however really all the boss does is shoot little balls and clamp down the jaws.

if the player stays in a line with its 'core' like center and has missles then he/she can destroy any wondering creatures that spawn at the top and bottom of the screen

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