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Stage 7:Fire

When players first try this stage, they'll die left and right. This stage is VERY INSANE. There are fireballs that split into three small parts that split into three smaller indestructable pieces. The music is Fire Scramble.

FYI: Second Option Hunter appearence, this one can be destroyed. Appears right before the fireballs come

Now, this wouldn't be so bad if one or two appears at a time. But four, five, six, or seven is more like it. One death, and you might as well restart, as recovery is impossible. Thankfully, the stage is short.

Garuns and Rugals also appear; some might give you powerups. But don't get carried away, the fireballs still come rapidly.

The passageway near the end narrows, but it makes the fireballs harder and easier at the same time, to dodge(because they are still come, but there's less of them to go through at once).

If you make it, the bosses are Wyvern and Vulture Dragon.

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