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Stage 5:Moai

As the name suggests, this is another Moai stage. The music is Easter Stone. Moai fire the usual ion rings at the player while giant fliying moai shoot normal moai out of there mouths. The player must maneuver around them, as the Flying moai are indestructable.

Right before the Moais appear, you see a Option Hunter appear. This version will act like the normal one. You see it in Stage 7, and Stage 9, as well as near the end of Stage 10.

After you deal with the normal Moai, Monolith Moai begin to apper. Monolith moai are 4 moai attached to a sigle rotating stone. all 4 moai must be destroyed for the stone to be destroyed to proceed to the boss.

The bosses are Dogas and Vaif.

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