Note:This chronology heavily relies on the word '~ years after the Bacterian war' mentioned in the game's storyline. Every 'Bacterian war' is considered as the 3rd Bacterian war - the final showdown with the head Bacterian. So this chronology can be wrong if the 'Bacterian war' mentioned in a game was actually referring to other wars with Bacterian army. Also, games with the same name(Like Salamander and Salamander MSX) are considered as events occurred in the same year in this chronology. This adds the chance of being wrong too, but currently this is the best what a Gradius fan can do, considering lack of information about these problems from official sources.

Currently Nemesis GB and Gradius:The Interstellar Assault, Salamander Arcade, and Life Force have the problems above.

The difference between the Gradian years and Earth years is of 6000 years.

Wreek Power Era

  • 6635: Birth of Dr. Venom.
  • 6641: Birth of James Burton.
  • 6644: The Northern Cross War takes place. A massive Bacterian fleet comes from the future and kidnaps the infant James Burton, who is rescued by the Vixen ship which also came from the future. (Nemesis 3 second half)
  • 6645: As a result of the Northern Cross War, the Wreek population is almost decimated due to the radiation resulting from the battle, so the Gradian Empire makes a protection policy for the Wreekians.
  • 6658: The First Bacterian War takes place. The Bacterians launch their first attack against Gradius, but are defeated by a 17-Year old James Burton and his ship, the Vic Viper. (Gradius)
  • 6658: A Bacterian squadron ambushes a group of Gradian ships, but Vic Viper escapes the attack and eventually destroys the Bacterian squadron. (Gradius: The Interstellar Assault)
  • 6660: The Second Bacterian War takes place. The Bacterian forces, led by Gofer, once again attack Gradius, but are defeated. Gofer is destroyed, but his fragments scatter throughout the cosmos. (Gradius II)
  • 6660: Dr. Venom is appointed Director General of the Space Science Agency.
  • 6664: The Battle for Antichthon takes place. In the end, Venom got arrested for a failed coup. (Gradius ReBirth)
  • 6665: Venom escapes the prison planet Sard and conspires with the Bacterians. The Bacterians turn Venom into a cyborg to maximize Venom's Wreekian powers.
  • 6666: The Silent Nightmare takes place. Venom launches a full-scale attack against Gradius, along with his Wreekian fellows. James Burton is sent to fight Venom's forces, piloting the Metalion spaceship. After a fierce battle Venom's fleet is destroyed and Venom dies in combat. James is crowned Lars XVIII. (Gradius 2 MSX)
  • 6709: The Salamander War takes place. The Salamander Force attacks the Nemesis system, but is defeated by the combined forces of Gradius and Latis. (Salamander)
  • 6709: The Crush-Blow Operation takes place. Following a centuries-old prophecy, Latis is surrounded by the Zelos Force, so Lars XVIII orders an assault to liberate Latis. Pilots Iggy Rock and Zowie Scott fight the enemy forces and uncover pieces of the prophecy, discovering a revived Dr. Venom is behind the attack. Venom is once again defeat and the force surrounding Latis is destroyed. (Salamander (MSX))
  • 6718: James Burton passes away at the age of 77. The Wreekians are officially declared extinct.

Sub-space Era

  • 6790: Birth of David Burton.
  • 6809: The Bacterians amass a large fleet, intending to take it to the past to kill James Burton while he was a child. David is sent to intercept the Bacterian's forces, piloting the Vixen spacecraft. (Nemesis 3 first half)
  • 6840: The Third Bacterian War takes place. The Dark Force, led by Bacterian himself, launches a full-scale assault against the Gradius forces, which are almost annihilated. The Vic Viper is once again sent into battle, reaching Planet Bacterian and destroying Bacterian, the creator and central system of the Bacterians. (Gradius III)
  • 6842: A huge creature named Life Force tries to devour Gradius and Latis. (Life Force)
  • 6850: Another Planetoid was created (Special Force), destroyed by Vic Viper and Lord British. (Salamander PCE)
  • 6852: Hyper Space Fighter 'Alpinia' is constructed. A mysterious fortress starts devouring all planets on it's path, with it's course set after Gradius. Gradius sends three fighters after the enemy, which successfully destroy the fortress. (Solar Assault)

Gaiden Era

  • 6560-8019 (2008): The Fourth Bacterian War takes place. A piece of Gofer reaches a distant planet and transforms it into a battleship, immediately proceeding to attack Gradius. Vic Viper is sent to fight the enemy forces, and after the destruction of the revived Gofer the planet reverts to it's original state. (Gradius IV)
  • 7012: The Salamander force is revived by a mysterious entity named Doom. The Gradius Empire sends the Vic Viper and Super Cobra to fight the new enemy, successfully destroying it. (Salamander 2)
  • 7040: A science vessel mysteriously disappears after approaching the Evil Range, an off-limits Dark Nebula. Shortly after, a powerful evil force emerges from the Dark Nebula and attacks the Gradius Colonies. Gradius sends four hyperspace fighters to the Dark Nebula, which destroy the source of the invaders there.(Gradius Gaiden)
  • 7240: A piece of Bacterion lands on planet Lamiless and transforms it into a fortress. Vic Viper is sent to the planet, liberating it from the Bacterian influence. (Gradius Galaxies)
  • 8010: The Fifth Bacterian war takes place. Venom uses Bacterian cells (either from Gofer, Bacterion, or himself) to recreate his fleet. Together with Vic Viper and Alphina, they used a certain time machine in order to stop them. (Gradius V)
  • 8100: The Bacterian Empire is finally destroyed for good. The Gradius Empire is dissolved and the Gradius Union created.
  • 8120 After obtaining ancient Bacterian and Gradian technology, the Lars Empire is created.
  • 8135: The war between Gradius Union and Lars Empire begins. Meanwhile, a Big Core attempts to escape from the Lars Empire. (Gradius NEO and Gradius NEO Imperial)

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